First Market Day

Last Saturday was my first time being a vendor at the Campbellford Farmers Market. Actually it was my first time having a booth at any market.

I arrived at 7 AM and got pretty far in setting up my tent by myself. I’m had only been set up once before and that was a trial run with four people. Luckily two other vendors helped me get the tent up the rest of the way. 935936B3-9FDD-4A27-BECD-EFAE04948E05

My good friends Bonnie and Gary arrived at 7:30 for the final touches before the market opened at 8.

We sold out of Spanakopitas pretty fast. I was unsure of how much to take of everything being that it was Ge first Market of the season and I’m an unknown entity. I’m happy to say that by noon I was sold out of almost everything!

it was a good test run to work out some kinks. I definitely need to have a better display thing going on. Oh and I need some weights for my tent. Those unexpected wind gusts are crazy!

Mother than that it was pretty much perfect. I’m really excited to see how his whole thing works out as the summer progresses.

I have to mention that all of the other vendors were so welcoming and friendly. I really wanted to stop by each booth and talk to everyone but there wasn’t time. Hopefully that won’t happen this weekend.

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